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If you or your partner is ever loud in your conversation, then you will know that the person can be loud in bed also. The porn site which is an organized, well presented website which will provide you with thumbnails of the attractive videos.


Although CumLouder contains a huge collection of attractive pictures and videos, you will find it a bit tough to find the video of your choice. This is because it is a site which has collections from 18 adult sites and if you choose the video link from the top menu, you will be only shown a part of the total collection of videos. As you move down, the list of videos increases and thus, your chances of choosing a video also increases.

One interesting feature of this website is that the producers are Spanish and hence, you can expect classic Spanish porn scenarios like the ones on the site Fucking Van and Latin Asses in Public.
You can also try out several other sites which come as a part of the package like the Bitch Confessions and the Spoof Porn.

Of the 938 videos and 938 photos, you will have a wider option of choosing the content you like. As always, the videos can be downloaded in different formats ranging from MP4, AVI to even the Windows Media File. You will have access to HD video quality and if you want, you can download the whole site in a compressed version.

Thus, if you are looking for an eyeful of Latin chicks, then CumLouder is the perfect website for you. If you are on the other hand, looking for some hot and sizzling gals, then also, this will be a great website. You can also check out the amazing close ups revealing the lady bits of attractive brunettes, red heads and blondes. You might not want to miss out the fun that is there.

With that being said, if you are looking forward to add some spice to your life and to spend some time on your bed with Latinas in mind, then this is the perfect suited site for you. After all, physical pleasure is real and it is needed to de – stress yourself, so why should you not enjoy it? Even if you do not have your girlfriend to aid you out, try checking out these sizzling models and you will be satisfied!

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If you believe that the female body is really a form of art, then you will definitely enjoy the website named Femjoy and its contents.


The website merely contains innumerable pictures and videos for you because they provide you with a list of thumbnails and when you scroll below, you find that the list just elongates. You can check out models of any type in this particular website. For example, if you are a fan of blonde beauties, you can also try them out. If you are looking for a porcelain color skinned red head, then you may also find her images in the website as this website provides you with a wide collection of photos!

One specialty of this website is their collection of photos and it can be guaranteed that you will be awed by their collection of still photographs where the women have been portrayed truly as a form of art.

This site offers you with 537 videos but more than 3606 photo galleries, which are updated every week to provide you with fresh content. The system of update is great as each week, you will have access to at least one new video and 16 set of new picture of divas. The photographs are available in the high – resolution format and if you want, you can download the whole gallery in compressed file format. The videos on the other hand are provided with HD format to help you enjoy the true beauty of women. Femjoy is famous for the solo nude art; however, you can also enjoy lesbian scenes and naked female forms. If you are looking for any hardcore porn vids, then you will be disappointed when you visit this website, because it has softcore videos and pictures for its users.

Although, you do not have access to any bonus websites when you have access to Femjoy, yet you can be awed and mesmerized by the female beauty, which is present in the website itself.
So, if you are looking forward to have a great eyeful of a female beauty and do not know how to reach one, you will be able to see and be satisfied with this website. After all, you need to add some spice to the boring life you are having now and what better way is there than to enjoy it by watching a seductress trying to teach you the pleasures of life?

Tainster Discount

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I saw the folks of my generation devoured by negative emotion and dejection from the lethal corruption of the government and other ulterior political entities.


This was able to help me a lot; I was able to form a thought which revolved around not doing a mistake that has been known and done from people in my spheres and from the past. I know we all learn by experience, but I guess sometimes, it doesn’t take going through the same type of vice and addiction others have gone through just so one can truly learn to live life the right way.

While I might not be tainted in the soulful manner, I’m definitely not a perfect person. And as a person who is an avid supporter of the adult industry, I’m putting up this review for which pretty much portrays the beautiful and rather tempting flaws of the human person.

Tainster is an adult site which depicts different levels of stories that concern the taintedness of the human person and how he or she is drawn to the act of sexual indulgement. Well, it is always inevitable and it is after all a vital part of human procreation to even begin with.

But, I guess it’s a different thing when you do it every with different girls, or even with different guys, for that matter. Tainster is a porn hub that will truly influence your beliefs on BDSM and other types of sadistic sexual activities, as well as how people actually take pleasure from it.

Tainster gives you all the best of its genre. If you’re a fan of the ever famous 50 Shades Trilogy, then this is where you be able to find guys who are akin to the magnate Christian Grey and several other bitches of his. There are over 2,500 videos in the database, most of them playable in HD mode. For $19.95 a month, you’re definitely getting more than what you’re paying for through this site. Discount Discount

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Just a couple weeks ago, Extremes had finally released one of his promised pranks over YouTube. It was one he called as the Kinky Prank.

Basically, what he did was ask girls if they wanted to get kinky, hoping that it would stir their minds up to something rather inappropriate. Little did they know that the prankster was only going to offer them a drink popular to children called Kinky. What we’re able to get out of this is that as people grow old, their notion to words and generally symbols become more biased to something of the naughty side of humanistic affairs. In relation to this would be our review today for

Kink is just next to the word ratchet, which simply means to say a woman who goes by sexiness and natural appeal. In our modern society, this would be taken to mean as someone, particularly a girl, who’s willing to put up all she can just to gain pleasure. In return, this gives the male species pleasure, too, and even more than the girl is able to extract. Men, after all, have a rather external sexual organ and every bit of libido constitutes to its erectile motion.

It bulges and it penetrates. It gives pleasure as much as it gets its own fair share. will give you that kind of sensation through the simple act of watching its videos and going through its substance, mainly the women and the things that they do as Kinks of the society.

There’s just so much to get out of Kink. First and foremost, there are over 120 models, all flawless, others feisty, petite, skinny, voluptuous, lovely, gorgeous, sweethearts and all the other types of girls you could think of to eternity. Collectively, they contribute to the 1,000 plus videos database of, which continues to grow by the month alongside bonuses and DVD featurettes from porn movies that you may have failed to watch in the past. You might also want to check out their cool photo galleries which feature the models in their best attires, both teasing and bold. So, for something worth 19.95 dollars a month, your money is definitely well spent.

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So the idea of women having a hairy bush has recently been brought back to life thanks to websites such as WeAreHairy. Nope, this is not a throwback to the golden age of porn where everybody was showcasing their bush, but instead it is modern chicks that do not believing in shaving down there showing you everything that they have.


This site has a real mixture of softcore and hardcore material, so at one point you can have a model showing you her hairy pussy and then next to it there is another model being fucked seriously hard. This does keep you on your toes, but there is so much to look at on the site that you are hardly going to be struggling for things to do. This is because, when it comes to the content, there are 2,500 videos and more than 3,300 picture sets to wade through, so it is paradise for any lover of a hairy pussy.

The WeAreHairy Action Can Be Filthy.

So these chicks with the hairy bush are no different when it comes to fucking and in actual fact I think it is super horny when you see them in action as we are just used to the shaven haven that has been all of the rage. However, on this site you can expect full on hardcore with these chicks fucking hard and fast and taking a cock in any hole that they want and who would want to miss out on that kind of action?

Exclusive And Daily Updates.

So the content on here is actually exclusive to them and they do update daily, so for me those are just two other reasons to actually go ahead and sign up. I know that I am never going to have to go anywhere else when I want to see porn where she is unshaven because why would you when there is more than enough here?

WeAreHairy has found its niche and boy is it doing its best to promote it. Lovers of a hairy pussy are going to be in ecstasy.

WowPorn Discount

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I am always wary of sites that use words such as wow in their title as I always feel as if they are setting themselves up for a fall. This meant that I was a bit nervous when asked to review WowPorn, but hey there always has to be one site that breaks the mold and this site is that one.


I understood why they used the word wow as soon as I landed on their home page as I knew I was in for something special. The site itself is very well laid out and everything just seems to be easily accessible and this is cool because the last thing you want on a porn site is to get lost on it. The chicks are gorgeous. You can see that the action is hot. You know that they have put erotic and sensual sex ahead of full on hardcore and the site is clearly better for it.

It’s Sex…Not Porn.

OK, so it is porn, but they are showcasing a softer side to it even though there is still full on penetration and orgasms all over the place. It is just not as in your face as other sites and they even use softer lights to create a certain feeling and what a feeling it is. Yes they do still fuck in various positions, but there is no sense of just banging away for the sake of it and you do get a feeling that there is real chemistry there on the screen.

WowPorn Is Getting Bigger.

The site is still in its infancy, at least compared to other similar sites, so there are only around 150 videos on there just now. However, you are going to love every single one and they do give you updates throughout the month, so there is no need to feel disappointed.

When you join you also get access to two other sites as a bonus and while the bonus is not exactly huge it does help to have your membership recognized in this way. WowPorn really does have the wow factor like they said it would and I for one feel that it is very aptly named.

ZTOD Discount

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ZTOD means zero tolerance on demand and they make sure all the girls here are perfect to a T. They sure succeed in doing that and these girls get fucked real hard whether it is missionary style or doggy style.


There are 6041 full scenes here and they can be downloaded on several WMV and MP4 formats. Most of the new ones come in HD format so it would be hard to argue the nice quality on each one. You are going to notice that you are going to masturbate and masturbate and you will lose count of the number of times you masturbated and there is nothing wrong with that. You won’t be able to wait to click on the become a member button because you would surely want to become a member of this high quality site. The videos can also be streamed on a Flash player for those who have fast Internet connection.

ZTOD is actually a production company of the same name and they have produced some nice quality videos that porn fans have grown to love. It is too bad one bonus site has duplicated content as that will be noticed when time passes by. The site also gives very frequent updates so it is not hard to overlook that. This will surely be one site you will adore and it won’t be long before you make it your home page so you will wake up to it whenever you turn it on. There is a video where Bobbi Starr punishes her gal pals for swallowing too much cocks.

It does not take long before they turn their attention to some blokes who will get what they deserve and that is some pussy lips on their mouths. ZTOD is one site you will recommend to your pals.

Hustler Discount

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If you thought those words sound familiar it is because they were taken from a popular song sang by Beyonce. It is indeed a song that went to the top of the charts and that is exactly what this porn site is all about.


Hustler has been a leading men’s magazine for a long time so you realize they do know how to deliver the goods. They know how to please a man’s heart. They hit all the right spots in this website and it won’t be a matter of time before you erupt with your cum. You won’t be able to keep track of how many times you ejaculated in one day. It is because your hand just keeps on moving and you would lose track of that. It does not matter since you are enjoying life the way it is with the wonderful women in front of you. It is too bad you won’t be able to leave comments here so you won’t be able to make the whole world know how you feel about the content at

You would be able to save your favorites at Hustler so you can go back to them in a flash. They have exclusive content here so you won’t see the content here anywhere else. There are a lot of high definition movies here so you would surely get giddy about that as your cock would get as hard as a rock in no time. You can get disappointed about the lack of the advanced search option here because it is what you are most looking forward to as you won’t notice how fast time flies by when you use it but for now the basic search engine can do.

There are 10442 scenes here and they got all the bases covered in terms of niches. There are also 3763 photo sets and that is a lot of pictures to stare at as you look at your hard cock and just stroke it until you come. You are going to get digital versions of all the issues of the hard copy of the Hustler magazine in case you are too lazy to head over to the magazine store to buy one. There are 19 sites here and you are going to feel great about recommending each and every one of them.

PlumperPass Discount

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The girls at PlumperPass are not the skinny type as they have big tits and asses. As a member, you are going to get access to 6 websites of the same theme.


You got the ability to save the favorites at PlumperPass, so you can always go back to the scenes you loved the most. It is too bad there is no advanced search option in sight as that could have been useful due to the fact that there is a lot to watch here. You can just feel those bouncy tits as they bounce around while these girls are getting fucked in the ass. There is some threesome action as some lucky dude enjoys fucking a girl from behind. There are 1500 photo sets and they can all be saved into a Zip file for later viewing. It is a good thing they can be saved as some of the galleries are huge. 

The best part about this network is that it updates everyday so you can expect something new when you come back the next day. Most of the pictures are already in high resolution so the quality is very good and you can ejaculate to these fat girls in such a nice feeling. The basic search engine will come in handy here as will the model index where all the babes are stored. These girls are big but in a good way as you have to wonder if girls also dig fat guys. You can rate the content here and leave comments plus view the other comments from people all over the world.

There are some people who would love to voice out their opinion and it will be come uncensored. You can’t blame them when their cock automatically gets hard at the sight of these BBW girls. Fans of hot fat girls will love PlumperPass and will surely recommend it to others.

However, if you like petite girls then you can go to another site as there is none of that here as it is mainly the complete opposite.

VideosZ Discount

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At VideosZ, you can’t expect any pictures since judging from the title itself, this site is all about giving nice videos and they do deliver. They literally have a ton of videos in store here as they even have a consistent update schedule.


Unfortunately, there is a bunch of nonexclusive content here but you will hardly notice that because they have a huge library of files. There is an advanced search here and you can use this tool to find what you are craving for in no time. You know time is not on your side if you are feeling horny and you got things to do. Because of that, you can type in some wild stuff onto the search engine and the videos will come in bunches.

This is your type of site if you are into girls with big boobs getting fucked in the anus. There are 80611 scenes here and they can all be downloaded in several formats and streamed in an embedded player. You got to have a fast Internet connection though so you can view the video. 

When you click on a DVD cover then you can view right away the short synopsis of the film. The premise is not really important anyway as everyone knows you will just forward to the fucking part even though it would be great to understand why they are fucking in the first place. You can’t blame yourself if you are in a hurry to come though as the embedded player here won’t require any type of buffering as you would be able to fast forward to the good parts. This could indeed be the largest online movie collection until someone comes along and tops this collection. However, it would be hard to top the collection of VideosZ as they have some nice videos.

The library is pretty easy to navigate as you won’t have to study something in order to get to the video you want to watch. There is nothing left to say except become a member of VideosZ now and enjoy the goodies they have to offer.

DogFart Discount

DogFart Discount up to 67% OFF

$19.99 a month for 90 days

$9.99 a month for one year


This has long been a favorite site of mine personally, since it is full of interracial fun. Loads of gang bangs with model like white chicks and black men hung like horses. Aside from that DogFart offers everyone something.


Genres include foot-jobs, teens, 2 on 1, 3 on 1, orgies, amateur, anal, Asian, ATM, barely legal, big tits, blow-bang, blonde, big booty, brides, brunettes, cougars, bukakke, cream-pie, cuckold, double penetration, feet, ebony, gang bang, fetish, hairy, girl on girl, MILF, pantyhose and stockings, pregnant, petite and much more. This is all shot in high definition POV style.

The site is primarily, as you may have guessed hardcore. There are some solo masturbation scenes too.

This is an AVN Award Winning Site

The site has been around for over a decade and during that time they have won many awards including AVN for best interracial site.

Nice Easy Navigation and Bonus Sites

The site itself is smoothly laid out and is easy to navigate with top tabs pretty much spelling it all out for you. Movies, girls, categories and much more. Once you join the DogFart network you get to access another 21 sites which is really money for jam. Some of the sites include Black on Blondes, Glory Hole, Watching Mom Go Black, Cuckold Sessions and Cum-Bang, which features a gang bang of cream facials on one girl.

Nicely Priced

This is really a hardcore paradise and is well worth every cent you will pay for it. The member price scale has various discounts for longer term periods. Included is a new $1.99 one day trial where you can access all of this to try it out for yourself.

Once you find your movie they offer various download options include MP4 and windows as well as flash streaming.

This site really does not need review. It has been a mainstay in the internet porn arena for some years now and has proved its weight. If you are very into interracial and also fetish porn this is a hot site to join. It also spreads out nicely over various genres including MILF and barely legal.

Whatever you are looking for you will find it on DogFart.

21Sextury Discount

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$5.25 a month for one year


The 21Sextury network has a large appeal for most audiences as here, you will find anything from pale tall sophisticated redheads, to bronzed blonds and everything in between.


It’s a site rich with genres and categories and this is what keeps this site in the top ten Internet Porn sites in the world. They have also won many awards along the way, many from the very revered XBIZ.

Everything From Foot Worship to Gaping Anal.

Foot-worship, blow-jobs, gang bangs, orgies, cum pies, anal and pretty much anything and everything a hot blooded porn viewer would crave, including gaping anal. The models are super hot and vary in age from barely legal to sophisticated mature.

There is over 11, 000 porn videos, which totals over four thousand hours of porn. So, work it out! You could probably watch this lot for a lifetime since there are plenty of updates. On top of that there are around 7,000 galleries with around 120 photos per gallery. They also supply zip sets, which is handy. The average length of movie in this massive selection is around 30 minutes and the photographs are all high resolution at 3000×2000.

Various Formats for Download and Streaming is Excellent

You can choose when watching your chosen movie or scene via a number of different formats, these include MP4, AVI, MPEG and Windows as well as flash streaming.

Once you become a member you also get to access over 21 sites and get another 18 bonus sites thrown in as well. This is important when you are joining a site, since paying every month means you get access to a multiple network system and bonuses too. This is all provided by 21Sextury which is a very revered and respected porn hub in Internet Porn.

Conclusion – A Definite Winner

If you are looking for hardcore porn carried out by deliciously beautiful women and filmed and delivered by an award winning team, 21Sextury is a sure bet for you. The massive content and genre rich ensemble will satisfy every taste bud. Plus, there are build in discounts at time of joining. A definite thumbs up from this review team as a top site that delivers what it promises.

Nubile Films Discount

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$9.16 a month for one year


This site screams class the moment you open their page. Here you can see high-end model-like girls, professional photography and film techniques. Nubile Films has the ability to draw you into its sophisticated take on hardcore fucking, from the moment you start looking at what they offer.


The page itself has a very easy outlay and simple navigation. It seems what they have intended to do, they have done well. Each thumbnail is so beautifully done and each title so enticing that it is almost like open a little gift each time you click on the thumbnail.

The women are so gorgeous they take your breath away, plus there is variety. From nubile pale skinned slim women sucking and fucking each other, to curvy Latinos you will be hypnotized by what they are offering.

Two beach bronzed women with flowing blond hair eat each other out on a bed of tangled white sheets. All you can hear is their moans and groans of pleasure as the curtains blow lazily at the sunny window.

Plays on BDSM, anal, lesbian, hardcore anal and much more is delivered with aplomb and I would definitely go as far as to say that this site is for the sophisticated kinkster.

Content and Quality

It really is hard to describe how classy and high-end the Nubile Films content is. The best thing to do is go and take a peek yourself. Trust me, you will stick around longer than you intended to. The content is also fully exclusive, meaning you get what you pay for and no other free-loaders will see the stuff you have paid to see. They are a new site, but do update regularly. They do have fully HD film because they are new and that in itself is a bonus. There are nice blogs to look at, as you will become obsessed with these beauties. Plus, loads of bios to look at when you want to read more about a particular model.


Navigation is nicely ordered and more than adequate. You have single tabs for ‘models’, ‘photos’ and ‘films’ for example. The site has a nice clean look about it and this shows the classy professional nature of the whole operation.


There are the regular download options with Nubile Films you would expect going up to a very high resolution or lower if your computer is struggling with that. Either way you have a choice. There is something very hypnotic about this site and one could challenge you to take a look and navigate away!


It is nice to see new and up and coming sites that are a cut above the rest. Some of the older more ‘well known’ sites have become boring. It is time for some class and some good tempting content that is set back away from the others.

Team Skeet Discount

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$9.87 for 30 days

$4.99 a month for one year


If you are into hot adult teens, Team Skeet is dishing up sizzling offerings day after day. Just one look at their nicely arranged site will get the blood flowing to the most important regions of your body!


These cute barely legal teens on Team Skeet might look all sweet and sugary pie, but in reality they are up to some nasty stuff. They are so horny and out of control that they even get into threesomes together. Now, one hot teen is enough to blow your mind, but how about three at once all pleasuring each other and hungry for more?

Great photography and video helps this site appeal to anyone that has half a brain. The POV shooting style and clever angles will keep you glued to your screen for longer than you had planned.

The Team Skeet girls too are delicious and despite being teens there is a nice variety. Some curvy ones with nice apple asses, pert titties and slender legs. Brunettes and blondes so there is a nice ethnic presence to please all tastes.

What does one look for in a site really? The main features are of course content, ease of navigation, viewing options and turn-on. Let’s have a look t these.


When you join you get another 20 sites free. Now, that is a real bonus. This brings the scene content up to over 1570, on last count. They also update regularly. The content is exclusive which is super important to any paying member on any site. We want the dirt that no one else can get access to. There are well over 1000 hot highly sexed teen models on their books, so no doubt you will be falling in lust on a daily basis with a new one! All content is HD.


The site is fun from start to finish. It has a nice trendy look about it and the tabs are easy to follow. The latest updates come first and they are nicely headed so you don’t waste your time looking at stuff you are not into for that day.

Viewing Options

Viewing options are plentiful, once you are ready to get hot and sweaty you can download to WMV or you can stream it live on flash. They quite rightly offer you various sizes and formats that might be more compatible with your computer speed and specs. MP4 also available.


Team Skeet is a teen lovers haven. Here the goods are delivered and delivered very nicely. There is no chance of you getting bored, since there are so many bonus sites, genre and topics to look at you will feel like a kid in a candy store.

Videobox Coupon

Videobox Coupon up to 75% OFF

$12.00 for 30 days

$8.00 a month for one year


From the name itself, there is no sign of any pictures at Video Box. They only have videos and another problem lies when they have a lot of nonexclusive content on Videobox.


There are 88183 Videobox scenes in total and they can be viewed on a Flash player or downloaded on to your portable device. You actually have the ability to edit the video you are downloading so you can take out the beginning of the videos or somewhere in the end if you feel like only watching the sex scenes. If those are the scenes that give your cock a hard on then you should proceed to do that. There is no shame in admitting that you just got hard off of some hot chicks here as they are simply to die for. If you choose the 18 month membership option then you will get a roku box for free which means you can stream the content on your television.

The navigation here is a breeze despite the number of videos already in here. You can also save a video on to your favorites if you feel like you don’t want to watch it again. There is no advanced search in sight so you would have to be more than contented with the basic search option. Surprised or not, they actually give daily updates which is really good news since there are some porn sites that forget to update.

Videobox is one site that has winner written all over it. They have an option called flow mode where there are 20 scenes playing at once. You can switch from one scene to the other if it feels like one scene has some nasty action going on. You would not want to miss any action in the videos here as they give you a nice climax.

Naughty America Coupon

Naughty America Coupon up to 70% OFF

$9.95 for 30 days

$7.95 a month for one year


There are 30 awesome sites that make up Naughty America and all of them proves that America is a very liberal country. One of the sites is Naughty Office and it shows what really goes down when it is not office hours anymore at these offices.


These secretaries do more than the admin work for their bosses. The bosses are more than willing to give the employee of the month to the employee that screws them the most. They obviously have another thing in mind when they hear the term bonus as they put their dirty cocks into the new girl that just got accepted to the company last week. It really is no ordeal as the companies here are where you want to be when you want to advance your career.

Just like other huge networks, some Naughty America sites are not updating here as the owners forgot they have a porn site to work on. On the good site, it is a big network so you can expect to get updates daily.
There are a ton of full HD movies here and they are so clear that your cock will get hard in a matter of moments. There is no advanced search here though so fans looking for that option would be disappointed. There are 5340 photo sets and they can be viewed in a slideshow or saved in a Zip file so you can view them at some other time.

If you choose to view the photos online then you will find out they are at high resolution. There are 6055 videos here and almost all of them are already in high definition. The videos can be streamed on an embedded player or downloaded in several formats. The playback on the streaming videos is amazing so you can go back to the scenes you really loved. Another one of the sites here is My Friends Hot Mom where some dude tries to fuck his friend’s mother and it is no coincidence how she has such big boobs and a round ass. I Have a Wife shows married dudes get seduced until their cock gives the girl a standing ovation.

Another Naughty America site is Diary of a Nanny and the nannies here do more than just take care of the kids stuck at home. They also see to it that the daddies paying them get more than what they paid for. 

Pure Mature Discount

Pure Mature Discount up to 75% OFF

$9.95 for 30 days

$7.95 a month for one year


The tour promises the hottest MILFs in the porn industry and they do deliver especially if they tempt us with a girl like Lisa Ann in the main page of Pure Mature. Each gallery provides you with the chance to view the pictures or download them in a zip file.


Lisa Ann shows us all how she is one girl who gets better with her age as time passes by simply because she knows how to take care of her body. In one of the Pure Mature scenes, she is shown working out at the gym when she is approached by a much younger lad. It does not take long before tension builds and they get it on. It ends predictably with Lisa swallowing a mouthful of load. Before it gets there, the guy pumps her hard like there is no tomorrow and the video lasts about 22 minutes. The navigation on this site is easy thanks to how the owners thought about the users.

You can vote on the popular videos and you can sort the videos here according to most recent and most popular. The site could have a problem in terms of navigation when it becomes bigger since they are just new in the industry. There are 46 models on Pure Mature right now and that could grow to triple digits by the end of the year as long as the makers of this site keep on supplying us with what we want and that is some fresh faces even if they are already old. It does not matter whether these chicks are already old. The only thing that matters is they know how to give us a good time and they certainly do that and a lot more.

Pure Mature is one of those sites that I will surely recommend to those people who want to jack off right away and not wait for anything to happen while letting the boring parts pass by. You will surely enjoy your stay here as it gets better and better.

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You got some of the biggest names on hand at Digital Playground. It is too bad there is no download option available here as you would have to be contented with streaming the movies but that is alright as long as you got a fast Internet connection. There is no advanced search in sight so you may have to be contented with the basic search option.


You can just go to the girls section and check out all the girls that appeared on Digital Playground. For some reason, the guys are also featured here and the ladies would love that but the men would probably ignore that feature. There are 2741 scenes and there are some HD options when streaming the content but it still does not feel the same way since you can’t download the stuff here.

It’s a darn shame but the magnificent content will more than make up for that. You got the option to save all the videos you liked in your favorites so you would remember them.

All the content here is exclusive to Digital Playground so you won’t see them in any other site. There is no separate photos section as the galleries can be found on the scenes directly as you can observe there is a total of 1400 scenes here. It is too bad they can’t be saved into a Zip file though. There are a few ways to sort the DVDs and scenes here. The navigation is quite easy too so that is something you won’t be having a problem with. There is no consistent update schedule here but you do get updates every now and then.

It is a good thing they are not one of those sites that stopped updating after their website already got a steady flow of traffic. If you don’t mind not being able to download the movies then this site is pretty much recommended. There are some hot girls in here to keep you company from the moment you pull your hard cock out of your shorts until you jack it off slowly. Of course, the ultimate climax is given with Digital Playground.

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Hardcore Bang for your buck is what BangBros network does best. The BANG BUS site was a commercial success. Guess who made it? The same dudes behind this beautiful network.


Some would say that they have outdone themselves by delivering a network with multiple niches, many beautiful models, and supreme quality. When you become a member, you will agree with this hypothesis. This oasis of porn has in its pockets 43 exclusive and premium sites. The BangBros network covers milf, ass, boobs, amateur, reality, teen, pov, facial, and other porn niches.

If you are good at maths, you know that “43-porn sites” means a hell lot of material. Presently, the network proudly holds 2920+ models, 6813+ videos and 6813 picture galleries. Believe it or not, many of the sites that spew this monumental amount of material are still up and running. This means more updates and bigger numbers (in regards to the videos and pictures).

The webmasters of this network are not going to bore you with half-baked productions and hardcore sex scenes that are of low quality. Updates (a lot of them) come in HD and HIGH RES formats, for the videos and pictures respectively. The material inside the network has a nice touch of variety to it thanks to the different models, and studs, who make the hardcore material.

From famous porn starlets to new comers, you get a nice sample of various gals being pounded, touched, licked, and creamed on inside the BangBros network. A fact that you may not know is that the network’s archives go back for more than a decade. This means that not everything inside will be HD and High Res. The network has tried to make sure that the rest of the content still appeals to the members.

If you want to move around the network, no problem, go right ahead. The navigation features help you accomplish your mission of finding your favorite model or your favorite porn niche. There is always room for improvement and we hope that the network will include more filters, menus, categories, and advanced search engines. As it stands, you really will not have a problem.

You can find more stuff inside the Bonus Sites, join the Live Chat, or get some Third Party Feeds to keep you informed and constantly hard. If you want to squeeze extra value from your dollar, getting a membership to this network is the right way to do it. BangBros network has the material, the class, and the kinkiness that only top porn networks posses. We definitely recommend you buy your membership today!

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The last time we checked out Reality Kings, they were still doing their thing and giving the public amazing sites with super amazing porn material. We are glad to report that the only change this network has made is to add more premium sites and more quality hardcore smut action.


The network has switched some things around. This is to enable more access and better navigation abilities. The search engine is a real treat for members since it cuts down wasted time looking for material.

The constant updates that fill the network are great plus you can filter them. You have filters that will give you models or give you results according to your keyword search. The network treasures its member’s feedback thus they have added a nice commenting and rating feature.

Inside this massive network, you will be able to know which particular sites have new updates for your ever-eager eyes. To sum it up, this network has clearly invested heavily in making its member’s lives uncomplicated when it comes to navigation. It’s not only the layout that has been worked but also the individual sites inside.

The Reality Kings network has an integrated look of sophistication throughout the various sites thanks to a matching color scheme. The updates that fill your screen everyday are also very high quality stuff with many videos in full HD mode. Many porn networks will not try to ensure that everything the members see on the site is of a consistent quality. This network does this and that is what separates the “men” (other porn networks) from the “Real Porn Kings!”

The network has thirty-five sites that contribute around 7273+ videos spanning a nice selection of niches. There is also a 7273+ photo gallery for your amusement. The way the network keeps piling on new material, you can expect these numbers to blow up drastically.

And unlike other porn networks, the celebrated “reality kings” keep on adding new sites also. Very impressive stuff. The only con we could determine was that some sites are way behind when it comes to uploading new material. This is, however, a small cog in the big machine that is Reality Kings’ Network.

Nothing can always be 100% but this network sure does come close to that mark. Niches covered range from milfs, reality, facial, blowjobs, teens, bosses, asses, big dicks, interracial, and many more. The Reality Kings network has really laid the groundwork for a superb place where people can receive quality and inspired hardcore porn. Do we recommend that you join this network? That is a resounding HELL YES!

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The nice thing about Brazzers, and it is hard to find one nice thing, as there are so many nice things about it! Is that once you are a member, it’s doubtful you will go anywhere else for your porn fix. The reason being that there are just so many different types of scenes and tastes catered for. If you are feeling like big assed big breasted women, they supply it in an endless stream. If you feel like racial sex, gay sex, taboo and gang-bang they will supply that too.


This is a no holds barred porn site that feels no shame and this is what keeps Brazzers in the top 10 sites in the world. Yes, in the entire world. Let’s take a look at what is going on inside and what makes it a worthy site to subscribe to.

The Layout is User Friendly

First of all the bulging content is arranged so well. That means more than anything when you are in the mood for a bit of “me time”. The newest updates are features first, then the highest rated videos to-date. This cuts to the chaff and helps you get hot and ready fast. They also feature hot up and coming scenes as well as the porn-stars that have been active recently. Somehow that is great to know as you can look over their profiles and perv over their latest work on the site.

Over 30 Bonus Sites Free and Thousands of Videos

When you join you get tons of bonus sites completely free and these are no fill-ins, trust me. They are sites you want to be on for as long as possible. “She’s Going to Squirt”, “Real Wives Stories”, “Mommy Got Boobs” and “Baby Got Boobs” will give you a brief idea what they are offering. The problem with a review is, there is so little space to write it in and looking at a site like Brazzers you feel strapped for space.

All Kinky Tastes are Catered for

Any kind of sex you fancy is here, whether it is bondage, kinky, threesomes, gang-bangs, girl on girl, guy on girl, daddy’s girls, cougars, mixed race and just about alien sex you will be satisfied.

The models are so varied you might think you are a member of The United Nations of a different sort, plus, age range varies considerably.

Massive Content Nicely Ordered

The content is so massive it has been arranged in various ways, by category, by girl and by genres, so you will be able to do a search and find exactly what you are looking for.

Brazzers is the Biggest Porn Site in the World

No review can do this site justice, it does itself justice by continuing to be the biggest name in Internet Porn on its own. Costing wise it is well priced for the massive content you receive, plus once becoming a member you get that community feeling and also get into the sites ‘home from home’ feeling. There is really nothing to compare to this successful hub of activity. Go and take a look for yourself!

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As soon as you open X Art’s site, your first thought is “polished”. The next thought is “Wow!”. This site is a mix of polished sexy and sensual women that is beautifully presented and it delivers its promise of, beautiful erotica.


That is what has been lost on a lot of porn sites lately and that is what audiences are craving. The sensuality and gorgeous sexuality of beautiful women in various stages of panting desire and release. X Art is truly art, but of course with something more. That being, the slow erotic tease of sex. Whether the models are licking and kissing each other, or they have some good looking stud with them, the focus is on not only the act of sex but also believe it or not, the charm of arousal and excitement.

An Interesting Mix of Sensuality and Raw Sex

The site also promises crystal clear videos and photographs in highest HD formats. This is also delivered and is done so with absolute attention to detail. Even the layout of the page is attention grabbing, as though the producers have poured over every scene and photograph in order to give you that little bit more than other sites are offering. It kind of has a feel of ‘days gone by’. Slightly romantic, but definitely sexual and raw at the same time. This is a winning mix.

The Models Belong in a Glossy Magazine

The models will hypnotize you with their perfect bodies and sweet innocent faces. Soft skin reflects the light as a model rides a guy and comes. This is all for you to watch and enjoy. It certainly seems like they enjoy it too, since it is a subtle seduction that they are involved in. There age rage average is around 18 – 21 so here you see the perfection of youth.

There are 100 X Art models in all and all of them are stunning, so that alone will keep you happy and riveted to your screen. The girls have their own tab where you can sit in awe and stare at their rare beauty, which in itself is refreshing in this day and age. Sammy, is featured as a new model and has reached the highest rating for example. She looks like the girl next door, only dreamier and hotter than you have ever seen before. She looks as if she has never set foot on a porn site in her life. She would be more at home on the covers of a high-gloss magazine. This is the caliber of woman we are talking about.

Tons of download options, exclusive sexy content, high resolution HD quality and a mix of lesbian sex, straight sex, threesomes and more, but all with these delectable girls you only see in your dreams. X Art is different and proud of it.

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There is literally a first time for everything, right? Well, on FTVGirls you are about to witness gorgeous gals doing some steamy sex stuff for the very first time. FTV Girls seems to have come up due to the demand for true quality porn. There are so many sites out there that “water-down” the standards of beautiful porn. is a strong response to all those who love quality material and are not afraid to say so.


The gals who are featured on this site are not novice amateurs who have never seen the camera lens before. It is more like they are encouraged to engage in sexual acts they have never done before in front of the cameraman. Some do lesbian scenes, others solo, others masturbate, and you get to watch it all on FTVGirls.

Material on this site is exclusive. There are gals who only show their goodies on this site. The gals are very desirable and hot, and the site has an equally impressive web design. There is a model directory with lots of info and gals can be arranged according to various criteria like age, bust size, color, name, etc. You will have a tough time deciding which gal you want to see first since they are all so darn sexy. The gals will pose, play with dildos, touch, lick, and fondle themselves or other hot gals. There are even some penetration scenes with strap-ons and hardcore sex.

The thing that separates FTV Girls material from the common porn found elsewhere really is the gals. The way they look, smile, moan, tease, perform and their exceptional beauty really makes for exhilarating material. Let’s talk numbers now. On FTVGirls, you get 3150+ videos and clips in WMV, DIVX, and MP4 movie formats. There are 620+ photo sets where a set has 250 pictures so that is around 155,000+ photos. HD videos and HIGH RES images are available on Comments can be left about the material and you can rate everything you like.

Well folks there you have it. This site packs enough material to warrant some attention. The models are “out-of-this-world” hot sex-pieces who will seduce you to new heights of excitement. Navigation is simple, site looks and feels great, and they have the right reputation in the porn industry. Go on, join FTV Girls today!

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Unless you have been spending your time living as a caveman for the past decade or so, you must have come across, or at least heard it whispered by one of your friends. If not, well then here is your chance to discover and explore the enchanting world of Met Art.


Met Art first appeared around 1999 and have been deep in the game giving members awesome beauties with young bodies. You can bet that their gallery is crammed full with material considering the number of years they have been operational. Erotica and artsy Babe soft core is what this site does best. Hardcore fanatics should not expect to see what they love (hardcore sex) on The sheer size of models, movies, and pics on this site is going to astonish even the most cynical and critical soft core-porn fan.

Met Art currently has over 2500 different young ladies showing off their sexuality and sensuality. Now this is a lot of gals. When it comes to the pictures, the 12,894+ pic sets multiplied by 109 pictures in each set will give you 1,405,446 pictures. Oh yes, your days and night will be spent well, watching all these glam gals in all their sexual magnificence.

This site is not done with you yet. Inside the movie gallery, sample some fine looking erotica material from the 1072+ videos available. AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, WMV, MPEG, are all movie formats you can find on this site. On top of all these figures, the site is constantly loading more pics and videos. At a phenomenal rate of up to 6 times a day. All the navigation tools and features on this site are functional and yet classy just like the hot teen models. As far as design and layout quality goes, Met Art gets a GOLD STAR rating. Material on the site has been categorized so that members can find everything they desire. has movies that are in HD mode while the pictures are blaring HIGH RES quality. There is material that shows two girls lightly kissing, and doing other sensual soft core stuff. There are so many close ups of the fine female body you will be stumped when trying to pick your favorites.

Met Art has the soft core material to turn you into a true believer! The erotically explosive models, the slick and modern site-design, the class and quality, the grace and beauty of this site are second to none! You need to seriously consider joining MetArt.

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Twistys promises 3,459 models in high quality videos, pictures and more. It is all about beautiful babes with the best breasts, bodies involved in bodacious hardcore content. The site has a tour area that will allow you peruse the exciting characters that form part of the interesting creations of the site.


Twistys has 22,600 videos that run for approximately 11 minutes in average. You can download or stream the juicy movies. The videos come in a myriad of formats including MP4, quick tine, and WMV. There are over a million pictures that are in full screen and can be downloaded in their zipped format. You can access bonus sites, model index and message board with membership on the site.

A visit into the site will usher you into a main page that is delicate with a cotton candy look and pale pastel shades. The organization is precise and will keep you visiting for a while. The updates of pictures and movies are daily. You are assured of a new experience from the fresh content daily. The site has a search function and categorization of the large number of content for easy use.

The viewers rate the content. You can get to know what to expect from any of the content that you decide to stream through the viewer rating. The site offers more including additional DVDs with a catalog of over 100 DVDs available for the customers. There is a forum for discussions where fellow porn lovers discuss their thoughts on the content.

Review verdict

Twistys is like a large theme park that offers a variety of fun things for your selection and enjoyment. The site is full a myriad of content with flavors aimed at meeting everyone’s expectations. It is about you the visitor to choose from the existing raw, pure beauty options that are offered in the forms of hardcore and soft-core porn. The presentation is perfect and done in a professional manner offering nothing but pure juice filled with joy. I would rate Twistys a 4.7 because of its good presentation and good content.

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Evil Angel has it all from anal sex, hardcore sex, and debauchery full of hot women in high definition. The website studio is all about top and exciting porn. The videos are made by professional and experienced directors such as Jay Sin, Jonni Darkko and John Stagliano. So you know the kind of scenes and quality of shooting you can get. You should prepare for 790 hours of exciting porn with the site listing its contents to amount to 2546 scenes with 453 DVDs and 1043 porn stars.


If you are the kind of guy who likes twisted lesbians and a collection of brutal porn by Rocco Siffredi with the butt eccentric gonzo by John Stagliano then Evil Angel should be bookmarked on your browser. A visit to the site will entice you with girls that gape their assholes for your enjoyment to shameless. The site if updated daily with content shortage not a foreseeable event.

The actual count of the movies is 6731 scenes categories into anal, lesbian, group sex and other categories for easy search and find. The site also has a porn star and director’s indexes for those who like particular characters.

There is no exaggeration in what the site describes and what you will get in terms of the video quality. The site has high definition vides that are shot from the best angles of the action. You will get crystal clear videos that are clearly marked for you to find them. There is a section for HD and the videos are downloadable in flash format and can play directly on the web browser. The site has a photo section for those who like pictures. The galleries are made up of high quality pictures with amazing clarity.

Review verdict

For gonzo porn lovers, you have probably heard of this site already. Evil Angel is known for its quality porn videos and picture galleries. It is one of the high-ranking porn sites. I would give it a 4.5 star rating because I feel it could offer more in categories and its lack of real amateur porn.